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We create simple, affordable smart home solutions.


As a leading smart home provider, Fluent offers home security, energy management, and home automation solutions to more than 100,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. Fluent provides smart home solutions that save you time and money and ultimately simplify your life.


The Fluent organization was developed by a group of industry professionals dedicated to saving lives and improving quality of life through home automation. The Executive and Senior Management Teams have impressive and extensive backgrounds in the security industry. This collective experience of over 70 years has enabled the team to acquire the necessary expertise, skills, and knowledge to benefit their loyal customers.

Our Leadership.

Fluent is led by a hardworking, resilient, and passionate group of individuals committed to providing safer lives for our communities.
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Graham Wood
Graham Wood
Kim Blakeney
Kim Blakeney
Shawn Koncurat
Shawn Koncurat
Shalev Nemenoff
Shalev Nemenoff
Maxime Bayouk
Maxime Bayouk
Brent Tracy
Brent Tracy

A History of Excellence.

  • 11

    Company founded and headquartered in Edmonton, AB, Canada

  • 12

    Expanded into the United States

  • 13

    Expanded offerings to include home automation

  • 14

    Rebranded to Fluent Home

  • 15

    Partnered with Goldman Sachs, opened $80 million line of credit

  • 16

    Announced industry-leading 7-day Service Guarantee

  • 17

    Installed our 100,000th customer

  • 18

    Expanded offerings to include cyber security

  • 19

    Partnered with Bregal Sagemount for an additional $25 million in funding