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Join Fluent.

Join Fluent.

Saving Lives through home automation.

At Fluent, we view our purpose as saving and enriching our customers’ lives through the convenience and efficiency of home automation. This aspiration is shared by our entire organization and every member thereof. We believe strongly that every facet of the Fluent organization plays a critical role in furthering the company’s mission and purpose. Therefore, to embark upon a career with Fluent means to accept the challenge of working toward this global organizational goal.

In order to realize this purpose, Fluent customers must be provided extraordinary products and services. This requires the dedication of every department, beginning with the initial sales transaction and continuing throughout the customer’s relationship with the company. Fluent recognizes that there are no small or irrelevant departments or staff members in its organization. We believe that career enhancement of our individual members will serve to enhance our customers’ experience with our company.


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The Opportunity

At Fluent, we offer an eclectic set of exciting career opportunities in a variety of fields, including sales, field service, information technology, customer service, finance and accounting, customer loyalty, data entry, contract administration, human resources, and marketing. We welcome individuals with all levels of experience who have a dedicated work ethic, a sense of integrity, ambition, loyalty, and a desire to succeed. We are an equal opportunity employer. We invite those interested to submit their resume and apply for a position with our organization.

The Culture

The Fluent culture is one of empowerment, support, team building, acceptance, and loyalty. Fluent embraces the concept that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To that end, Fluent emphasizes training and organizational development in an effort to maximize the career opportunities and objectives of all our members. We believe strongly that the welfare of our staff, customers, and our overall organization are served by a positive and welcoming environment. Fluent also seeks to foster a culture which promotes the achievement of its charitable aspirations through designated charity projects.

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